South Deeside and North Angus
​Deer Management Group



The SDNADMG is situated in the north east of Scotland and extends to approximately 70,360 hectares or 173,859 acres. There are 11 deer management units within the group, comprising of private and public land (see table below).  
Estate                                                                                Area (hectares)
Abergeldie                                                                               4,703
Balmoral                                                                                18,396
Forestry Commission Scotland                                              923
Glen Tanar                                                                             10,117
Glenmuick                                                                                5,255
Inchmarnoch                                                                           1,386
Invercauld (Glen Callater)                                                     6,814
Invermark                                                                               17,598
North Clova                                                                              1,608
Rottal                                                                                         3,314
SNH                                                                                               182

  1. Policy and Contact
    Policy and Contact
    Policy objectives of SDNA DMG are to promote the sustainable management of deer in the DMG area and in accordance with the Deer Management Plan (DMP)
  2. Deer Planning
    Deer Planning
    The purpose of the DMP is to provide an agreed, practical and effective framework which allows management of deer in a sustainable manner whilst integrating with different land use objectives
  3. Designations & Habitats
    Designations & Habitats
    The majority of SDNA DMG lies within Cairngorms National Park and is subject to a number of key designations. These include SPAs, SACs and SSSIs